as long as i’m alive there’s always gonna be someone who hates me

photo cred to carly
If I left you woman, you know, I wouldn’t leave a trace.
My veins are blue and connected,And every single bone in my brain is electric!!!
Jack White delivers 33-song, three-hour set in Chicago, marking the longest show of his career


tbh way more excited to be home in chicago forever~
i graduated college yesterday. so there’s that.
photo cred to carly
photo cred to carly
I love this picture of us.


There’s a very real possibility that I’m moving to Seattle after I graduate. This excites me.

and i’m working until he graduates so we can go. new life, new us, new adventures. i can’t wait.

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follow her, trust me

i am so impatient and so heartbroken
purple lipstick forever